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Hello, I'm Peter

Reiki for me has been a life changing healing shift, which has allowed me to rebalance and recharge my energy, by working on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and becoming more focused and balanced. Reiki has helped me to align my awareness and perspective to what matters most in life; maintaining a state of calm and balance as I navigate life. 

CEO to Reiki Master


After working in the corporate world as an executive, president and CEO of numerous companies, I began looking for deeper meaning and the “something more” in life. I have always had an interest in meditation and the healing arts, and with the encouragement of my wife and son, I began to transition from the corporate world into the health and wellness industry, to begin my career in Reiki. 

What to Expect from a Session

With 7 years of experience as a Reiki Master and Teacher, I work as a teacher and one-on-one with clients. When you walk into a session, I create a safe space for healing, where you can let go of your worries from every-day life and reach the quiet space within. I utilize sound healing and native smudge to help you achieve inner peace and silence; taking you to a space where deep healing can begin. 


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Sessions & classes


Reiki Healing Sessions: In Person & Long Distance World Wide Reiki healing sessions can be done in person or sent long distance. Both ways of receiving Reiki treatments are very powerful and effective in assisting the body in healing itself by bringing the mind, body and spirit into proper alignment. Through the Reiki process, the cells in the body are rejuvenated and renewed to their original form of Light Energy. Reiki is totally natural and works on all levels of one’s life, anything from broken bones, cancer to colds, to emotional healing by releasing grief, lack of self-confidence, insecurities or fear. You will be amazed and your body and soul will thank you.


60 minutes Reiki Session: $120



Peter’s professional work and training as a Reiki master practitioner and his natural healing abilities from birth allow him to clear and cleanse spaces successfully of any toxic lingering negative energies and emotions that may be left in one’s home, office or building. Peter uses a combination of traditional space clearing and blessing rituals that will bring blessings of purification to restore harmony and create sacred space for long term peace, joy and abundance. 

Space Clearing & Blessing: Start rate $200

Space Blessing Ceremony: $150


Reiki Share for Students: $25

Reiki Certification: 

Reiki classes with Master Peter are on-going and can be taught individually or in small groups of three or more. Peter also invites you to request to have him come to your city and country to teach Reiki by arrangement. Learning a level of Reiki in combination with having regular reiki healing sessions does offer the client does offer the client infinite blessings with an increase in health, wellness and to live with more vitality, abundance, creativity and joy. Seeing and experiencing these amazing rapid changes and benefits in Peter’s own life and health allows him to teach and share Reiki with great confidence and passion. 

Reiki Level I $250 

To become a Reiki Practitioner you must attend a Reiki I training. This training is a two day event, 4-5 hours each day depending on the size of the class. It is designed to instruct the Student with the proper hand positions and to receive the attunements necessary to heal themselves and to become a student practitioner.

Reiki Level II $500

After completing Reiki I the student is asked to administer Reiki nightly to themselves to open and purify their energy centers (chakras) enabling them to eventually channel higher amounts of this Universal healing love energy while simultaneously removing any physical, emotional or spiritual blockages. After the completion of Reiki Level II you may charge others for your services. 

Reiki Master $800  

Upcoming Classes & Events

Private Sessions are available by Appointment, and can be booked using the button above. 



March 3rd, 2018, Free Admission  

Guest Speaker at 3:00pm 


March 18th, 2018 (Sunday) 11am - 2pm 

$25 +hst *bring a snack to share* 


April 15th, 2018 (Sunday) 11am - 2pm 

$25 +hst *bring a snack to share* 


May 26th, 2018 (Saturday) 11am - 2pm 

$25 +hst *bring a snack to share* 


Peter’s gift as a master practitioner of Reiki healing is second to none, a rare find. All will benefit greatly from his powerful sessions. Equally good in person or sent long distance. He is the real deal” 

Michael Alaska - Renowned Teacher and Professional Psychic

I have no doubt that Reiki master Peter will assist you to find healing and peace in your life. He Is one of those souls that has purpose to create powerful changes in the balance of light in the world. I know this because of his kindness, respect and integrity in his spirit and the power of his resolution to be a better person and to those around him. Do not hesitate and go see him. He has worked very hard and continues to evolve to the powerful wise Master he is. He is very powerful, you will know what I mean when you are in his presence. I am proud of knowing Master Peter.Reiki Master Jose Leon

I was lucky enough to have a chance to join one of Peter’s Reiki circles. I find him very professional. An honourable man, who has tremendous respect for the lineage of the Reiki energy. I have experienced distance Reiki many times from Peter. Each time a relaxing and detoxing feeling. Thanks for the great sessions Reiki Master Peter!"

Michael Maratovic, Edmonton, Alberta 

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